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Cathy's record in the legislature is focused on bills that directly affect the families of the ten communities she represents. From new, good-paying jobs to protecting our most vulnerable during the pandemic, Cathy brings home results to our district.
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Cathy proposed a bill expanding manufacturing job programs, securing $50 million in the effort, leading to thousands of new, good-paying jobs at some of the state's most important employers.


Connecticut has led the country in containing COVID-19, but a worsening situation nationwide means we can't afford to become complacent.


Cathy has supported efforts at the state level to protect our most vulnerable with renters' and mortgage assistance, and called on large employers to do their fair share.

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A veteran herself, Cathy has restored Connecticut VA funding, helped ease the transition to civilian employment for veterans and their spouses, and expanded PTSD and sexual trauma medical benefits for veterans.

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